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Remote debugging disabled by default

The Windows Phone 8.1 SDK resolves a rather annoying network issue with Windows Phone emulators. The previous 8.0 SDK registered a WP8 emulator as separate network device with its own IP address. This forced XAML Spy to use remote debugging to have apps running in the WP8 emulator connect to the XAML Spy service. Remote debugging is a feature that allows XAML apps running on (physical) remote devices to connect to the XAML Spy service running on the local dev box. For remote debugging to work correctly the firewall needs to be configured to allow inbound TCP connections.


XAML Spy September 2012 Update

Wouldn't it be nice if you could use XAML Spy on a WinRT application running on an ARM device? Or spy a Silverlight application running on MacOS? With the new remote debugging feature of XAML Spy included in this September 2012 Update you can! Remote debugging enables a number of exciting scenarios. Learn more about how to configure and spy on remote XAML applications in the online documentation.


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