Platform support

The complete list of platforms and versions supported by XAML Spy 2 and 3.

  XAML Spy 2 XAML Spy 3
  Silverlight 5
Windows Phone
  Windows Phone 7.1  
  Windows Phone 8  
  Windows Phone 8.1
  Windows 8 XAML (WinRT)  
  Windows 8.1 XAML (WinRT)
  Windows 10 Universal (UWP)
  .NET 4 and up
Xamarin Android
  v5.0 (API level 21) and up  
Xamarin iOS
  Unified API  

While adding support for Xamarin in XAML Spy 3, the latest incarnation of XAML Spy drops support for a number of older platform versions. Windows Phone 7.1, 8, and Windows 8 apps are no longer supported in XAML Spy 3. If you still require access to these platforms you need to stick with XAML Spy 2.