What's new

XAML Spy uses and extends the Silverlight Spy technology. Existing Silverlight Spy users will notice many similarities and enjoy a great number of new features and improvements. An overview of new features and improvements.

User interface

The most visible change is the XAML Spy user interface. Inspired by Metro, the UI provides a clean and simple style, where the user can focus on the content.

Silverlight Spy is a Silverlight orientated tool, with a built-in Silverlight browser. In XAML Spy, the browser is now a separate window, applications are no longer hosted inside the main spy ui itself.

New features

Among others, XAML Spy offers the following exciting new features compared to Silverlight Spy;

  • WinRT and WPF support. Both WinRT and WPF are first class citizens in XAML Spy.
  • The ability to spy on XAML applications running on remote devices (learn more)
  • View model inspection, the property grid is no longer limited to viewing and editing DependencyObjects. XAML Spy supports any object, including a full drill down of DataContext objects.
  • Vastly improved property editing, including support for editing collections and dependency objects (learn more)
  • User interface explorer enhancements with data context scope visualizers, and commands for exploring parts of the visual tree (learn more)
  • Property source indicators help identifying the source of a property value.
  • Zoom & pan the UI of a running XAML application
  • Silverlight inbrowser applications are no longer required to run in the built-in browser. Silverlight application may be hosted in any browser, or custom host.
  • Full read-write access to isolated storage folders and files. Multi-file selection and save to zip are included.
  • Decompilation includes support for not just .NET Reflector, but also ILSpy and Telerik's JustDecompile
  • ZIP and SQL Server compact database files are automatically expanded in the Package and Storage views
  • Improved application management with access to recent and favorite applications
  • Significant performance enhancements. Launching XAML Spy is instant.

Windows Phone

A number of improvements are aimed specifically at the Windows Phone. First of all the connection with XAML Spy is now implemented using TCP sockets, instead of the relatively slow HTTP polling in Silverlight Spy. Use of sockets will bring noticable performance improvements when exploring Windows Phone apps with XAML Spy compared to Silverlight Spy

XAML Spy also allow the user to specify which Windows Phone emulator type to use when launching a Windows Phone application.