Save valuable time

Spending too much time trying to figure out issues in your app's user interface? Use XAML Spy, and you will know the answer in minutes.


XAML Spy provides a real-time view of your app's state. Examine and modify the properties of any element on-the-fly and see the changes reflected immediately in the running app.

No more secrets

Do you want to browse files in the isolated storage? Want access to the UI automation tree? Need to understand your app's visual tree? Use XAML Spy, it's all there.


Platform support

With full Xamarin Android, iOS and Windows support, XAML Spy is here to help you get your app to the market quickly. No matter whether you are developing for the desktop, web, mobile or tablet.

Proven technology

The latest version of XAML Spy is the culmination of over eight years of experience in creating visual runtime inspectors.

Started in 2007 with a simple inspection tool for Silverlight 1, now a full blown runtime inspector with many features supporting a plethora of platforms.


Are you into Android, iOS, or Windows development? Try XAML Spy for free and see how it can assist you in understanding how your app really works.