Announcing Windows Phone 8 support

First Floor Software proudly announces XAML Spy support for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft released its Windows Phone 8 SDK moments ago at the Build 2012 developer conference. Windows Phone SDK 8.0 contains the tools that you need to develop Windows Phone apps. XAML Spy is the visual runtime debugger tool that provides detailed information about your Windows Phone application at runtime.

Support for Windows Phone 8 is available immediately. The XAML Spy October 2012 Update, released today, includes everything you need to spy on Windows Phone 8 applications. Be sure to check out the XAML Spy october 2012 Update post for more in-depth technical details on Windows Phone 8 support and other new features and fixes.

Download XAML Spy

Download Windows Phone 8 SDK

About XAML Spy

XAML Spy is the visual runtime inspector for Silverlight, Windows Phone, WinRT and WPF applications. It provides unprecedented access to all aspects of any running XAML application. Interact with the UI visual tree, monitor events, extract XAML, explore the contents of the package and isolated storage, view statistics and more, much more.

No more secrets with XAML Spy!

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