XAML Spy 3 Preview 2

Announcing the second preview release of XAML Spy 3, which includes a wide variety of fixes and improvements. No major new features have been added to this second preview release. This update comes with internal changes which lay the groundwork for upcoming new features.

XAML Spy 3 Preview 2 is set to expire on January 20, 2016. This update will stop functioning after this date, unless you have a valid license key registered.

About XAML Spy 3

XAML Spy 3 is a major new release, with lots of new features and changes. Among others version 3 adds support for Android and iOS apps build with Xamarin technology. The new XAML Spy API enables you to automate your apps, and works great with REPLs, such as the ones that come with Roslyn and scriptcs.

Learn how to use XAML Spy 3 in the quick start. The XAML Spy installer is available in the download section.

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