XAML Spy July 2014 Update

Announcing the July 2014 Update of XAML Spy (version 2.3.0). This is a maintenance release, the update contains a set of fixes, mainly addressing issues with WPF clients.

The complete set of changes:

  • Fixed the following WPF client issues;
    • InvalidOperationException when window does not have a valid PresentationSource
    • Added an advanced configuration setting for rendering visual cues in popup or adorner
    • Hittesting now properly ignores hidden visuals
    • Fixed a bug where XAML Spy incorrectly consumes KeyDown events
  • Propertygrid now remembers last selected property
  • Restructured contextmenu in XAML Spy standalone app
  • Fixed a bug where elements are incorrectly identified as UIElement
  • Extended XAML Spy Service error logging
  • Upgraded to NLog v3

The XAML Spy installer is available in the Download section.

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