XAML Spy Preview 4

Announcing a new update of XAML Spy with support for Windows 8 Release Preview (released on May 31). Support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been dropped. If you need to use XAML Spy on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, do not install this release.

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Collection editor

New in this release is support for editing collections and DependencyObjects. Whenever XAML Spy detects an editable collection of objects it enables the collection editor with support for adding, removing and setting collection members. The collection editor works on any object collection, even your custom viewmodel collections as the following screenshot demonstrates.

DependencyObject editor

Previously DependencyObject property values could not be modified, now XAML Spy provides a dropdown editor for creating new DependencyObject instances on the fly. The following screenshot demonstrates the use of a Brush dropdown to create a new Background brush.

For a complete tutorial on editing properties and collections with the property grid, see the new tutorial How to use the properties pane,

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