XAML Spy documentation

XAML Spy is the visual runtime inspector for Android, iOS and Windows. It provides unprecedented access to all aspects of any running app. Interact with the UI visual tree, extract data, explore the filesystem, create stunning artwork, and more, much more. With XAML Spy you will learn about the visual and non-visual behavior of your app at runtime.

An important element of XAML Spy is the explorer, delivering a hierarchical realtime view of the various aspects of your connected app. Object details can be explored in the properties window. Other parts of XAML Spy include a visualizer for rendering snapshots of the selected visual content.

XAML Spy is available as Windows desktop app and as Visual Studio extension. XAML Spy in Visual Studio enables runtime inspection without having to leave Visual Studio. The desktop app is useful when Visual Studio is not an option, or when you want to use the free XAML Spy Express edition.

XAML Spy desktop app