XAML Spy 3 January 2016 Update

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Announcing the January 2016 Update (version 3.0.2) of XAML Spy 3. This is the first non-preview release of XAML Spy 3, and includes a number of fixes and new features.

XAML Spy Express

XAML Spy Express, the free edition of XAML Spy, has been activated in this release. When no (valid) license is registered, XAML Spy will automatically switch to the Express edition. The Express edition provides a limited, but useful set of features that allow you to spy on apps for free. We’re happy to announce that the features in XAML Spy Express have been extended compared to XAML Spy 2. The properties of a selected visual can be modified, and there is no longer a limit on the number of shown properties.

With XAML Spy Express you basically get a full-blown visual inspector for free. Additional features such as Visual Studio integration, and the XAML Spy API do require a license key, and are disabled in the Express edition. For a full comparision of the express and license editions of XAML Spy, see the documentation.


XAML Spy is a commercial product, and requires a license key if you want access to all its features. A XAML Spy license key works with both XAML Spy 2 and 3. Once a license key has expired, you no longer have access to XAML Spy versions that are made available past its expiration date. You may continue to use the product for versions that are released before the license expiration date.

For more details about licensing see the purchase page, and the frequently asked questions.

Storage explorer

This release of XAML Spy includes the storage explorer, and enables inspection of file storage associated with an app. You can browse and open folder and files of any supported app, including Xamarin Android and iOS apps. The following screenshot displays the storage of an Android app in Visual Studio 2012.

Storage explorer


The latest version of XAML Spy 3 is available in the download section. Be sure to visit the quick start to learn how easy it is to enable XAML Spy in your app.