• XAML Spy January 2015 Update

    Announcing the January 2015 Update of XAML Spy (version 2.6.0). This version adds full support for Visual Studio 2015, previously known as Visual Studio "14". Furthermore, this update addresses a number of bugs that occur when exploring XAML apps. For the full details see the release notes.

  • XAML Spy October 2014 Update

    Announcing the October 2014 Update of XAML Spy (version 2.5.0). Good news for the bleeding edge developer; this version adds support for Visual Studio "14" CTPs. Visual Studio "14" Community Technology Previews (CTPs) are early, prerelease versions of the next major release of Visual Studio. CTPs provide early adopters with an opportunity to try out the new and improved product features.

  • XAML Spy September 2014 Update

    Announcing the September 2014 Update of XAML Spy (version 2.4.0). This version adds support for WPF apps that explicitly target .NET Framework 4.5.2.

  • Windows Store apps and error 0x8007274C

    We are receiving reports from multiple customers that they are unable to connect a Windows Store app to XAML Spy. Connection error 0x8007274C is shown, which indicates that the store app is unable to connect to the XAML Spy service hosted on the local machine. 

  • XAML Spy July 2014 Update

    Announcing the July 2014 Update of XAML Spy (version 2.3.0). This is a maintenance release, the update contains a set of fixes, mainly addressing issues with WPF clients.

  • XAML Spy May 2014 Update

    Announcing the May 2014 Update of XAML Spy. This update adds support for the much needed property filtering in Visual Studio and includes a variety of fixes and improvements. For a detailed list of all changes see the release notes.

  • XAML Spy and Universal Apps

    Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 introduces the concept of Universal Apps. With the Universal App project types it is now possible to use the Windows Runtime to build apps that can target multiple devices. At this point in time you can create Universal App projects that target both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Universal App support for XBox has been announced and will be added in the future.

  • Remote debugging disabled by default

    The Windows Phone 8.1 SDK resolves a rather annoying network issue with Windows Phone emulators. The previous 8.0 SDK registered a WP8 emulator as separate network device with its own IP address. This forced XAML Spy to use remote debugging to have apps running in the WP8 emulator connect to the XAML Spy service. Remote debugging is a feature that allows XAML apps running on (physical) remote devices to connect to the XAML Spy service running on the local dev box. For remote debugging to work correctly the firewall needs to be configured to allow inbound TCP connections.

  • XAML Spy April 2014 Update

    Announcing the immediate availability of the XAML Spy April 2014 Update (version 2.1.0). This update supports the brand new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, and includes a massive amount of fixes and improvements. The most prominent changes are described below, see the release notes for a complete overview of all changes.

  • XAML Spy and Visual Studio Express

    XAML Spy is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. Enabling or disabling XAML Spy for a XAML project is super easy, and the XAML Spy Explorer provides convenient access to your XAML app internals right from within Visual Studio.


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